Small car

Standard Valet - £50

medium car

Standard Valet - £60

Large car / 4x4 

Standard Valet - £75


The Standard Valet is all you need to bring your car up to showroom quality.  Safe washing methods are used to ensure your car is cleaned properly whilst minimising the creation of swirl marks and wash marring. 

An AutoTransform Standard Valet consists of the following:
Citrus/Snowfoam pre-wash
Wheels & Tyres Cleaned
Shampoo and wash with microfibre wash mitt (2 bucket method)
Dry with microfibre drying towels
Application of spray sealant/quick detailer
door shuts and door edges all washed and dried
Interior Carpets & Mats all hoovered/cleaned
Seats hoovered/wiped
dashboard/centre console/door cards all cleaned
spray airfreshener
glass cleaned inside and out
tyres dressed